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Institutional Web Sites

This has page has links to other institutional websites.

Alverno College (Wisconsin)
  • Brief description of Alverno's ability-based curriculum.
Boise State University: Institutional Assessment (Idaho)
  • Outcomes assessment plans and goals.
  • FAQ (frequently asked questions) about institutional assessment.
  • Reports from surveys and records analyses, plus downloadable copies of reports in text or wordprocessor format.
  • Assessment News newsletter.
  • Links to other assessment sites and information.
Bowie State University: Outcomes Assesment Program (Maryland)
  • Assessment history and policy.
  • Assessment Strides newsletter.
  • Assessment reporting guidelines (still to come).
  • Departmental assessment plans and reports (still to come).
  • Links to other assessment sites and information.
George Mason University: Office of Institutional Assessment (Virginia)
Indiana University
  • This strategic planning document has appendices on
    • assessment of student learning, in the chapter by the Task Force for Accountability and Assessment.
    • persistence and graduation, in the chapter by the Task Force on Student Persistence and Attainment.
Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis: Information Management and Institutional Research
  • Assessment reports from surveys and other sources.
Indiana State University
James Madison University: Office of Student Assessment (Virginia)
  • Mission statement & program objectives.
  • Learning objectives for general education at JMU.
  • Information about alumni surveys.
  • Guidelines and schedules for surveys and assessment reports.
  • Answers to frequently asked questions about the office's activities.
  • Links to other assessment and higher-education resources.
Montana State University-Bozeman: Student outcomes assessment page
  • Background of outcomes assessment at MSU.
  • Principles, standards, and useful techniques.
  • Assessment plans for undergraduate majors, and Web forms for submitting assessment plans and summaries.
  • Description of general education at MSU, and online survey of core course faculty.
  • Information about capstone courses.
  • Resources for MSU-Bozeman faculty and administrators.
  • Surveys and related data, including
    • retention and graduation rates.
    • Senior & alumni survey results.
New Mexico State University: Office of Institutional Research, Planning, and Outcomes Assessment
  • Outcomes assessment plan, structure, and process.
  • Activities through 1997.
  • Committee charges and memberships.
North Carolina State University: Assessment Program & Internet Resources for Higher Education Outcomes Assessment
  • Description of NCSU assessment program.
  • Reports from surveys of freshmen, sophomores, transfer students, graduating seniors, alumni, and graduates' employers.
  • Impact of Assessment: Information from deans, directors, department heads about how student/alumni survey data are used.
  • Assessment report on Project 25 Web-based instruction.
North Seattle Community College: A document on assessment in preparation for a 1997 accreditation visit has
  • institutional performance indicators and outcomes,
  • assessment practices in use (summer 1995), and
  • suggestions for additional assessment activities.
Northern Illinois University: Assessment Services
  • Institutional assessment plan.
  • General policies and plans for assessment of
  • "Game plan" for implementing assessment.
  • Individual academic departments' assessment plans.
  • Results from survey of baccalaureate alumni.
Ohio University: Office of Institutional Research
  • Assessment plan and logistics.
  • Assessment reports from individual schools and departments.
  • Links to other resources.
Purdue University, Calumet: Evaluation and Planning Services (Indiana)
  • Assessment policies and guidelines.
  • Results from
    • CSEQ (College Student Experiences Questionnaire)
    • Alumni survey
  • Evaluation of the process so far.
  • Tips for developing/revising/evaluating departmental assessment plans.
  • Articles/books available in E&PS library.
  • Advice from NCA (Lopez, C.L., Opportunities for Improvement: Advice from Consultant-Evaluators on Programs to Assess Student Learning, March 1996).
  • 1996 progress report to NCA.
  • Quick guide to successful departmental surveys.
  • Data reports.
Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology: Office of Institutional Research and Assessment (Indiana)
  • Information about assessment methods used.
  • Stepping Ahead: An Assessment Plan Development Guide.
  • Links to resources for assessment, especially for engineering schools.
Seton Hall University: Outcomes Assessment Team (New Jersey)
  • Overview of assessment process.
  • Assessment methods in use by academic departments.
  • Annotated list of assessment-related books.
  • Links to other assessment resources.
Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville: Undergraduate Assessment & Program Review
  • University assessment plan.
  • Description of the required senior assignment
  • Information about funding for senior assignment projects and PILAF (Program-Initiated Learning Assessment Fund) projects.
  • Descriptions of new-student and mid-point assessments, and senior exit interviews (select Mid-Point Assessment).
  • Assessments in non-instructional areas.
  • Information about classroom assessment techniques and portfolio assessment.
  • Results of short-term, focused assessments (select Timely Assessment Results).
  • BEESWAX project in writing assessment.
  • Information about periodic program review.
  • Assessment bibliography.
  • The site presents many useful tools and various classroom assessment methods
  • Links to other assessment sites.
United States Military Academy (West Point): Center for Teaching Excellence
  • Cadet Feedback: classroom assessment and end-of-course assessment methods.
University of Colorado at Boulder: Undergraduate outcomes assessment
  • History and description of assessment process.
  • Overviews of methods used, results obtained, and uses of results.
  • Summaries of individual academic units' assessment programs.
University of North Carolina at Charlotte: The Student Affairs Research and Assessment page
  • Has links to assessment and institutional research resources, as well as campus campus pages of academic assessment data snd studies of campus diversity, residence life, and other student-related topics.
University of Wisconsin-Madison
  • Background, process, and policy.
  • Manual for department heads and others involved in assessment.
  • Assessment methods in use.
  • Assessment reports.
  • Student survey data.
  • Links to other assessment resources.
Virginia Tech: Office of Academic Assessment
  • Overview of assessment program (see Mission).
  • Copies of and reports from surveys of entering freshmen, current students, and alumni.
  • Schedule for individual academic departments reports. Some reports are already available.
  • Graduate student projects and other special studies related to assessment.
  • Links to other resources.


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